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Last updated: 2014-5-30 7:30am PT

Comparison to VegBank

These tables have been renamed:

VegBank VegBIEN
plot location
place locationplace
namedplace place
observation locationevent
taxonobservation taxonoccurrence
taxonimportance aggregateoccurrence
stemcount plantobservation
stemlocation stemobservation
taxoninterpretation taxondetermination
plantconcept taxon

These tables have been merged:

VegBank VegBIEN
stratummethod method
stratumtype method

We will be using the new names whenever possible, so please familiarize yourself with them.

Also, there are several new tables in VegBIEN:

specimenreplicate: A herbarium's replicate of a specimen. Contains Darwin Core specimen data.
method: A method for sampling and aggregating plants.

Proposed changes

See To Do: VegBIEN schema

Remaining user-defined fields

7 fields (in 3 tables)

  • stemobservation
    • canopyForm
    • canopyPosition
    • gentryDiameter
    • lianaInfestation
    • notes
  • aggregateoccurrence
    • censusNo
  • specimenreplicate
    • sex

Data dictionary changes

  1. plantstatus.plantlevel closed list: Add Authority, Binomial

Other changes

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